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3 Phase Common Mode Inductor Toroidal Inductor Coils Common Mode Choke

o Switching power output smoothing circuits

o Most suitable as choke coils for high-frequency SMPS

o Countermeasures against spike ripples

o EMI/RFI filters

o DC/DC converters

o I/P and O/P devices
  • TCC

  • 850450

A common mode choke is an electrical filter that blocks high-frequency noise common to two or more data or power lines while allowing the desired DC or low-frequency signal to pass.  Common mode (CM) noise current is typically radiated from sources such as unwanted radio signals, unshielded electronics, inverters and motors. Left unfiltered, this noise presents interference problems in electronics and electrical circuits.

Common mode inductor, also known as Common mode Choke, is commonly used to filter Common mode EMI signals in switching power supplies of computers. Inboard card design, a common-mode inductor also plays the role of an EMI filter, which is used to suppress the electromagnetic wave emitted by a high-speed signal line.
   Toroidal Inductors provide a number of advantages over other inductor varieties

The choke's impedance increases with frequency. Its low electrical resistance passes both AC and DC with little power loss, but its reactance limits the amount of AC passed. The above is about the choke coils' introduction
Toroidal Inductors are a highly economical choice. Efficient Design- Inductor designers can achieve a shorter length of turn with smaller-sized Toroidal Inductors using less copper wire and with no bobbin as with E-core designs.