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Current U-Shaped Manganin Current Sense Resistor Shunt for BMS System


high precision meter shunt resistor

A current shunt, also known as a current sense resistor or current-sensing resistor, is a type of resistor specifically designed to measure or monitor the current flowing through a circuit. It is typically a low resistance value resistor connected in series with the load or the circuit being monitored.

The current shunt works based on Ohm's Law, which states that the voltage across a resistor is directly proportional to the current flowing through it. By measuring the voltage drop across the shunt resistor, the current flowing through the circuit can be determined using Ohm's Law (I = V/R).

Current shunts are commonly used in various applications such as power electronics, battery management systems, motor control, and industrial automation. They provide an accurate and reliable method of current measurement, allowing for monitoring and control of the current levels in a circuit.

Product features:

1. High precision, high reliability, high overload capacity and high stability
2. High reliability, high overload capacity and high product accuracy.
3. Wide temperature range non-inductive design
4. Resistance temperature coefficient TCR × 10-6/ºC≤50ppm
5. Products meet ROHS requirements
6. Passed AEC-Q200 certification




Temperature Coefficient of Resistance



Resistance Value



Loading Ability

MAX 500A


Operating Temperature



Mounting Type

SMD,Screw,Welding,and so on



Resistance Value Will Be Changed Within 0.5% After Test,And Test Condition Is 85℃ ,85% humidity,1000h