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High Current Inductors Chokes/Inductor Inductance/Toroidal Core Coil

Toroidal Inductor 1

o High-saturation flux density

o Less flux leakage and beat

o Low radiation and low core loss

o Preciseness in inductance is remarkable

o High-current, horizontal or vertical mount

o Operating temperature: -55 to 105 degrees Celsius

o Available in various types and specifications

o With housing and tubes available

  • TCC

  • 850450

Common mode inductor, also known as Common mode Choke, is commonly used to filter Common mode EMI signals in switching power supplies of computers. Inboard card design, a common-mode inductor also plays the role of an EMI filter, which is used to suppress the electromagnetic wave emitted by a high-speed signal line.

   Toroidal Inductors provide a number of advantages over other inductor varieties, which include:
Compact Size - The smaller size of Toroidal Inductors allows for excellent efficiency while maintaining top-level performance. Lower Cost - With smaller sizes that use fewer raw materials, Toroidal Inductors are a highly economical choice.

Choke Coil, Small profile with large current
Low resistance, made with MPP. High-flux, Sendust and Iron Powder cores
Prevents noise emissions, such as electromagnetic interference(EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI)
Protects AC side from effects of switching regulators
Wide range of available inductance and current ratings
0.3A-5A ratings, low-temperature rise
1. Prevention of noise on signal lines and power lines for computer-related or electronic products
2. As a preventive measure against noise terminal voltage or power supply noise in AC/DC DC/DC line noise suppression, TV/VCR unit and communication system.
3. Used in AC/DC, DC/DC Line Noise Suppression, TV/VCR Units and Communication Systems
4. Video cameras.
5. Audio equipment.
6. TV tuners.
7. Switching power supplies.